Do you use fitness trackers on AppleWatch or Fitbit etc.?

I am involved in a project on fitness trackers and was wondering if Quantified Self members would like to contribute? The following text is from the details of the project so feel free to take part if you wish. QS forum participants should be the experts in this area! Best wishes, Duncan Banks

If you use activity trackers such as wrist-bands from Fitbit or Jawbone, or in smart watches from Apple or Samsung, or a smart ring or bracelet, we would like to know about your experiences of using such devices for monitoring your health and the criteria for choosing them.

As a part of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust-funded Digital health wearables project ( at The Open University, UK, we are running a survey: please visit to participate in this survey. It will take 6-8 minutes to complete it.

The project’s research design has been approved by University’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

If you have any queries about the project or this survey, please contact Shailey Minocha:

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I am using Fitbit fitness tracker that is a nice tracker. It has a lot of features to enjoy. Its attractive design astonish me. Its pedometer machine counts steps and km with calories burnt. It is my iPnoe supported smart fitness tracker. I am really satisfied with it. Find related more information at waterproof fitness tracker

Hi guys, I’d like to know if the Google Fit API has access to the data of all wearables devices (smartwatch, smartband) or if device permission is required.

Some wearable devices support Google Fit, others don’t, but even if they do, the user has to grant the device’s app permission to sync with Google Fit.

Thanks buddy, I’m programming an application to get data from wearable devices for example smartbands and smartwatch . I’m looking for free open API. Do you know some?

@wedsoncarlos What kind of data you exactly looking for? If you are looking for a free open API you might check

I used both, but I like Fitbit better.