Do you use Obsidian/RemNote/Roam/Notion to track your notes?

Esp labeling each and every one of your days?

I use self-hosted free community edition

I’ve dabbled with a few of those tools, and each its perks depending on what you need!

Using the self-hosted free community edition of Outline is a fantastic choice for teams or individuals who value control over their data and want to customize their knowledge management system. Outline provides a robust, user-friendly platform for organizing and sharing information, and the self-hosted option ensures your data remains private and secure. Plus, with the active community and frequent updates, you can expect continuous improvements and support. It’s a great solution for those looking for a powerful yet flexible tool for managing their documentation and collaboration needs.

Apple Notes, Obsidian, Scrivener, plain old txt files whiichever takes my fancy at the time or want to keep for a long time, or the content is going to be long.

Oh and bookmarking interesting threads or posts here and other Discourse fora.