Does anyone else miss Bodymedia?

I was a Bodymedia Fit user for several years and was crushed when Jawbone finally shut them down. I purchased the Fitbit charge HR, but I don’t feel it is accurate and I really dislike the dashboard. I miss the Bodymedia dash terribly.

The fit bit app doesn’t track straight up calorie deficit - it does a weird calculation that tells you how many calories you can eat based on ??? It makes no sense to me. Is there anything out there that could adequately replace my Bodymedia fit?

I preferred wearing an armband over a wristband, and thought the step counts were a bit more accurate, but otherwise the data seems comparable. I removed the calorie budget stats from my Fitbit dashboard since I’m not tracking calories consumed, but you can show an estimate of calories burned (takes basal metabolic rate into account) on the dashboard.