Does anyone have a setup for randomized user polling on smartwatches?

What I’m hoping to do is to randomly, throughout the day, be polled on stuff like:
-how alert am I?
-how happy am I and what am I doing?
-are you currently engaging in a productive activity?
And then to be able to over time stitch together a picture of various correlates. (I’m inspired in part by story 3 here)

Does anyone know of an existing way to do this on a smartwatch? Or if they were to do it, how they would go about doing so?

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I think PACO by Bob Evans does this.

I don’t know about the smartwatch functionality but knowing Bob there’s probably a solution for WearOS at least.

Checked it out, unfortunately I would prefer something for iOS. To that end, I’m working on an app for experience sampling methods for apple watch. I don’t really know what I’m doing though so it’s unlikely I’ll release it as a full app beyond personal use (for a while at least)