Does anyone use Emfit QS with a sleeping partner?

I just bought the Emfit QS and used it for the first time today.
Unfortunately, it only detected 3 hours in bed, even though I was there for 8 hours.

This is my setup:

It’s placed underneath the topper mattress, which is memory foam and 6 centimeters in height.

The Emfit QS will be directly underneath the blue circle (where the manual is).
I will be in a sleeping position so that my heart is somewhere inside the red circle (where the pillow & manual is).

How have you placed your Emfit QS so that it detects you, but without detecting your partner?

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even the mi band 4 does a better job of detecting sleep than that

You tried both?

I do not think its ever been this bad. Also now due to gdpr XMI exports.

I did use with a partner, a number of years ago, and that version of it seemed to detect my sleep as reasonably well as one could hope based on heartbeat vs. EEG.

The problem I experience now is that if I sleep until 7 am and then go to the other side of the bed for 30 minutes (mimicking having a partner sleeping there 30 minutes after I wake up), then it think I’m sleeping or still in the bed in that period)

What is “gdpr XMI exports”?

I guess this is an export capability that complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which mandates users have access to their data.

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