Drowzy: app made by Board certified Psychiatrist and Sleep Medicine Expert


I’m on a George Washington University research team, and we’ve developed the only sleep tracking app that was made by experts in the field. We’re not making any money off this, we made it to both provide a valuable public service, and to get some anonymous data with which we can hopefully learn more about sleep, a field in which very little is known, although sharing any data when using the app is optional.

You can read more about our app at drowzy.com

I hope you check it out, not only is it a great app, but by using it and allowing your data to be anonymously sent in, you’ll be doing a service to anyone who is struggling with sleep disorders, as more information is needed to better treat them.


Sam Lieberman

Looks nice. Do you have any links to your group, publications etc? Couldn’t find any on drowzy.com.

Regarding sleep efficiency, isn’t a percentage close to 100% a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep, or is more always better?

Not for the iPhone?

Sorry I do not have an android.

I would be willing to send in my data from my ZEO.
I can send you a CSV file from hte viewer that Woody developed.

I also would like to ask for some advice if it is available, since you know a lot more than me.

I had a pitutary tumor removed, and my cordizol levels are messed up. They neuro has me on s;eeping pils to help sleep.

I have collected data and notice the following pattern:

on onw sleeping pil, I get more deep sleep, but it is fragmented.

on two pills, I get less deep sleep, but the rem sleep is more connected.

From a ZEO point of view, here is the amount of sleep in various stages on one and two pills.

I did try several nights on one pill and several nights of two pills… but I did not have the viewer to upload and save data. I have manual notes…

But these nights are pretty typical.

with no pills, I put tick marks on a paper to say when i was awake, zeo did not pick them up to well. But this was before the new viewer, it may be that they were often lost in the 5 minute summary on the screen…

from my notes:
on one pill by reviewing the data on the machine all stages were fragmented, no deep lasted longer than 10 minutes, most only 5.

percent 0 13 68 19
hours 0 0:59 5:02 1:23

percent 0 19 68 13
hours 0 1:49 6:27 1:12

percent 0 13 73 14
hours 0 1:12 6:50 1:22

a lot of the deep was early (probably false as noted before or late ( I have an alarm at 7:45 to take meds, then sleep in until 9-10, and a lot of the deep was between 7:45 and 10:00… probably some false

But it was all very broken up, much as the one night pill…

the following are from two nights of pills

stage wake rem light deep
percent 0 35 64 1
hours 0 4:11 6:05 0:06

percent 1 37 60 2
hours 0:06 3:07 5:00 0:11

percent 0 41 57 2
hours 0 4:11 5:46 0:12

here is a sample of the zeo data, the 14th is on one pill, the 15th is on 2.

This is typical of what I see. One pill more deep, two pills more connected REM.

I am trying to figure out what is better.

You will probably say whatever makes you feel better. The problem I am having is that I am working on meniere’s, and they have me om meclizine and valium…… so it is hard to tell what makes me feel better when I am tired all of the time. I am one of those people that if it says may cause drousiness, it knocks me out, so you cam inigane how I am on bith mecl and val. (low dose val by the way)

Anyhow the question then is, am I better off with more deep sleep but disconnected patterns, or less deep and more connected rem?

Again, if you want ZEO data to look at sleep, more than will to give daily files.

BTW, Sleep efficiency, the output of Drowzy, is also displayed by woodinblack’s new zeo viewer and is displayed in the above example as 99.6% average sleep.


I’m glad I’ve found a way to contact you. I’ve used your app, and I have some important suggestions:

  1. Have a way for users to contact you. There is nothing in the app, there is nothing on your web site. Note that a consequence of this is that unhappy users will leave bad reviews instead of contacting you with their gripes.

  2. Allow the user to enter a comment. Something like “Took melatonin,” “Had car accident yesterday,” “Dog was barking all night.”

  3. Let the user enter time awake in bed, and also time awake out of bed. The consensus seems to be that it’s important to get out of bed when one can’t sleep, and that efficiency is affected by this. If you agree, you should add that field.

  4. When I used the reminder function, I ended up with two entries for the same night.

  5. There is no way to delete a record.

  6. There is no way to add a record for an older day.

  7. Today I got the error: "java.lang.Runtime Exception: Object should first be initialized.

Because of those issues, I have stopped using your app. That’s too bad, because the idea is good in general, and I haven’t found any other apps that handle the sleep log function.