Dutch Test?

Anyone try the Dutch hormone test? And any conclusions?

I’m hearing good things - but it’s very expensive. Wanted to know if it’s worth while.

I’d definitely get one if money was no object. And I do believe them about it being pretty close to blood testing. But on a budget I think regular blood testing fares better, at least if you can narrow down the hormones you’d want to experiment with. Each one is usually in the $20-$80 range at the discount providers like Walk-In Lab, DirectLabs, Ulta Lab Tests, Life Extension, etc.

I know of a couple of their urine hormone competitors, though there’s not a clear winner: the packages and their prices vary too much. But if you wanted to compare:

I’m aware of a few other at-home (dried blood, urine, saliva) test providers if you’re curious, but they’re more narrowly focused on individual hormones or classes of hormones.

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