Easiest way to build a life dashboard?

Hi everyone,

I’m aware of Exist, BetterSelf, and Gyroscope. Unfortunately these are a bit limited. I’m not a coder and not interested in learning in-depth.

Firstly, is there a service similar to the above options that allows custom data? And has more integrations? I’m aware of TicTrac but this doesn’t seem to allow signups anymore.

I thought about Excel but I’d prefer something like Excel with Dashboard, Analytics, and a nice front-end layout. I’d like to be able to have hierarchical tags so that I can have qualities and attributes, and possibly points.

If Excel is my only option, are there any links I can look at for ideas? I’m very proficient with Excel.


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There are significantly better options than excel including:

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Also look at https://zenobase.com, by long time QS Forum participant @ejain.


Hi there - I’ve been very happy using Google Data Studio . There are standard connectors for Google Sheets and most of their other marketing and data tools. Although the primary audience is marketing folks ( website analytics) it is more of a universal visualization tool . It is also built on the Google Drive platform which makes sharing and security options pretty simple. And it is free, out of Beta and has extremely active development and user community. If you have a google account you already have access to it at datastudio.google.com

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