Easy Food Ingredient Tracking Relative to Food Intolerance Symptoms and Skin Care


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I feel like food clearly has a huge impact on how we feel day-to-day. Some of these might be hidden medical conditions like not knowing you’re lactose intolerant or something, but I feel this is true of a lot of random foods I’m not actually allergic to, e.g. I always feel just slightly gross and inflamed after eating certain seafood, or my friends tell me they definitely have certain acne trigger foods. Why isn’t there a way for food / macro trackers to help figure out which foods are correlated with feeling meh – without having to try and piece together these patterns ourselves, or doing a full-on elimination diet (I tried that for a bit, and eating parsnips for two weeks straight just sucked)?

I think I want to build something that can help me track how I feel during the day (and for me, whether I have skin breakouts) compared to just the ingredients in the food I eat.

I wanted to try and make this as useful as possible for everyone so I wanted to get feedback on what you would want to see in it!

I want the food tracking in particular to be really automatic with just picture taking and having people identify the ingredients in the food for you (like on MTurk). This should be much easier than getting calorie accurate information. And I think I could also incorporate some cool fully automatic systems to make identifying ingredients easier, though idk if I will be able to stop using humans all together to help identify ingredients yet.

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