Eating butter without bread

For those of you who eat butter but don’t eat bread because it’s grain based how do you eat the butter?
Do you miss it with something?

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For those of you who eat butter but don’t eat bread because it’s grain based how do you eat the butter?[/quote]

I eat it with small pieces of meat. Usually sliced roast beef or tongue.

I do what I saw Dave Asprey do: wrap it in smoked salmon. I eat around 4 tbsp of butter at a time, and it takes less than 1 oz of salmon.

Why is butter considered so much superior than cheese? I read somewhere that most toxins from the animal go into the cheese, but cannot understand why this is not true for the butter as toxins get stored mostly in fat. Thus, it is weird that butter from corn fed cow is considered better than white cheese from grass fed.

On veggies, in coffee (via Dave Asprey), on steak, chicken, fish, and sometimes straight with a bit of garlic and salt/pepper.

This is butter from Grass fed cows only.

I drink unsalted butter melted in hot tea (along with heavy cream). I use salted butter on most cooked vegetables and even on some meats. Sometimes I might eat a raw piece of salted butter.

I use butter (Grass-fed) for cooking eggs, meats and vegetables. I will often add a couple tablespoons to a large serving of steamed vegetables with some salt and pepper. I also add it to rice sometimes.

Sometimes I will just eat a slice of salted butter on its own. I haven’t tried the Bulletproof coffee loaded with butter because I haven’t been able to find unsalted grass-fed butter yet. Looking forward to trying it though.

I eat it exactly like Brian but I never tried it with hot tea.

Ghee for cooking nearly everything - eggs, vegetables, some meats.
Vegetables are pretty much a vehicle for butter in my opinion :slight_smile:
Also, I make a really simple almond flatbread that consists of almond meal, flax meal (optional), water, eggs, and salt. It allows me to eat sunny-side up eggs again enjoyably. Anyway, I put big slabs of Kerrygold butter right on that bread.

Yeah, Bulletproof Coffee is the best way to get a lot of it quickly and strategically.

I eat butter with the rice. Wow I like topping of butter on the rice. We can make vegetable in the butter. The taste is also great.

Massage Kelowna

I’ve been eating it with nori (seaweed sheets).

I’m surprised nobody said “soup”, so far. What’s better than healthy soup to consume a lot of butter that’s almost undetected and maximally tasty? I can detect butter in almost anything else, including–the still not that tasty–Bulletproof Coffee, but cannot detect butter in soup; and I love that.

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Yo can someone tell why everyone is so crazy for butter? Sorry I didn’t get the memo. I am new to this. How is butter good for you?

There have been quite a few QS projects exploring the impact of a high fat diet, many of them influenced by research into ketogenic diets. A good intro is here:

On butter specifically, here’s a piece by the late Seth Roberts: