Emfit QS: Anyone have Heart Rate or Respiratory rate peaks in the night that is DOUBLE their normal value?

I often have Heart Rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR) that is temporarily MUCH higher than average. (The reason reason RR cuts of at 25.5 bpm is their algorithm)

However, I don’t know if this is a medical problem or just the measuing device, which is Emfit QS. What does your HR and RR data from Emfit QS look like?

Here are examples of mine where my HR and RR sometimes have surprisingly high peaks:

Does your data also look like this?

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Hey, just checked my Emfit logs
For HR it happens at times, although on a quick glance mine are somewhat spikier and narrower.
E.g. extracted one of them from raw data – basically it’s gone within 40 seconds:

1616462311, 66 , 16.1, 417
1616462315, 90 , 16.2, 443
1616462319, 106, 16.2, 465
1616462323, 110, 16.1, 264
1616462327, 111, 15.8, 127
1616462331, 111, 15.6, 168
1616462335, 108, 15.3, 170
1616462339, 95 , 14.6, 192
1616462343, 90 , 14  , 225
1616462347, 80 , 13.6, 193
1616462351, 63 , 13.8, 277

I also compared with Garmin watch – and it doesn’t seem to catch these (otherwise it’s fairly consistent about HR against Emfit). Could be either Garmin not being quick enough to catch, or it could also be some Emfit artifact? E.g. moving around in sleep or something like that.
UPD: hmm, found a longer high HR period (about 100 for almost 10 minutes) – I think this would have definitely been caught by Garmin. Damn :frowning:

For breathing rate… indeed, it looks very weird. I haven’t looked at data myself much before, but in the past it was often very patchy – not sure how accurate it is. I looked at mine now and found some similar artifacts. Also weirdly ‘clipped’ at about 25 BPM… and with no corresponding HR change – you’d expect some if you were breathing twice as often, right? Garmin also tracks RR, and there are no such peaks in Garmin, but I’m not sure it’s accurate for RR.
However, I’ve been experimenting with recording sleep audio (want to figure out whether I’m snoring), and I also couldn’t hear any unusual breathing around that time.

I’ll take a closer look, maybe analyse all past data to detect how often these artifacts happen.

Yes, I also tried recording audio, and couldn’t hear myself breathing at 25 bpm. I counted it to be around 13-16 bpm for all minutes where I tried counting.

This resembles some questions I had about unusual blood glucose spikes at night; in the end I suspected an artifact.

I think what you’re seeing is an artifact, but then again, here’s what happened once to me: https://richardsprague.com/post/2019/07/12/heart-rate-quake/

Yes it seems like there is definitely an issue with the Respiratory rate peaks even for long period of times, Also low respiratory rate with no correlation to HR, Checked on two users using two sensors and manually counted through Audio and also through chest close CCTV it seems incorrect.
As for HR using another sensor Nokia it seems fairly OK except for the artifacts of spikes i would say 95% accurate.

Definitely an issue somewhere.