Encryption Disabled, passwords sent in the clear

Hello QS!

I attended your meetup at Singularity University yesterday evening at the NASA Ames Research Center. I have to say, it was very inspiring and prompted me to create an account here on the forums! I will certainly be tapping into this community for guidance in my QS endeavors.

However, the hacker inside me can’t help but point out – the forums are available only over http, not https! Even the login credentials, which should certainly be encrypted, are not.

Since many of us will be posting from coffee shops, work, and other untrusted networks, is it possible to get an SSL cert and enable the forum in https mode?


Hey Jamil,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the feedback!

HTTPS is certainly a good idea. I’ll look into buying an SSL certificate.

PS: I see you’ve added a signature starting with ‘–’. The forum already adds an HR before signatures. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan. Call the – a bad habit :wink:

Looking forward to seeing this forum grow!

TLS/SSL encryption is now enabled - https://forum.quantifiedself.com.

The forum has also surpassed 1,000 users!