Energy saving effect is obvious vertical roller mill for more than 10 years to replac

With the dry cement production technology has matured in recent years, Chinese cement grinding technology and equipment has made substantial progress. Ball mill, vertical roller mill, roller press grinding system, etc., in the continuous research and development, upgrading, upgrading equipment has been for generations. However, power consumption due to the grinding mill equipment can be generated by integrated power consumption of cement production accounted for 65% to 75%, plus the country for the increasingly stringent energy conservation requirements, grinding cement production line will be implemented an important part of energy saving. For cement companies, mining grinding system has become a key energy-saving potential.
Vertical Roller Mill
In the grinding system, the major systems, vertical roller mill system energy savings of concern and recognition in recent years, the trend of concern without the ball is a typical representative of the great debate.
Some experts believe that the cement vertical roller mill, as a new, highly efficient, energy-saving grinding equipment, cement production in the future mainstream devices, will have greater development and application, the use of ball and ball mill grinding of age will eventually end. For this view, senior adviser to the Chinese Cement Gao Changming agreed in the “vertical roller mill in the application process of China’s Cement Industry Review” article, he said that in the cement grinding, the vertical roller mill’s energy-efficient cement production capacity, system equipment, the total weight comprehensive advantages, system capacity, unit capacity and other aspects of their doomed mill will replace the traditional objective law of development.
While certainly get a lot of cement vertical roller mill, but in fact at this stage of utilization in the cement industry is still very small. According to the GAO Chang Ming, 2010 raw material and slag vertical roller mill in the country has reached more than 80% of the selection as the preferred grinding type. But the choice of cement vertical roller mill was still low, only 8 percent, a big difference compared to 70% internationally. Compared to the previous, cement vertical roller mill gained recognition in the market, more and more.
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The reason is that many major cement companies lack understanding of vertical roller mill for cement that so-called vertical roller mill cement cement milling performance than poor. Gao Changming explained on this misunderstanding, also have occurred in developed countries too, but developed after research found that, in fact, the essence of this problem is due to appear cement vertical roller mill, cement, concrete and construction business enterprises There is a need for coordination, running process of adaptation, the problem belongs to the new technological advances that appear, can be properly resolved or bear. According to the study abroad and a lot of trial production practice results show that, for each specific vertical cement mill, the mutual coordination between its production of cement and the market run-in period, generally about three months, up to will be more than six months, so this is actually the problem has already occurred and a foreign country has been resolved for. Domestic
Cement industry and not because of this misunderstanding and thus denied the cement vertical roller mill.
In fact, the vertical roller mill cement production line as an important device, from the beginning just grind raw material, to today as the final cement grinding equipment itself through a series of mechanical design, material selection, design, technology and other aspects of innovation and improvement, optimization and improvement from. Moreover, industry experts have done a series of tests on its performance and practice proved compared to milling, greater energy efficiency, optimal unit power consumption can be achieved only in 25kwh / t. Therefore, the cement vertical roller mill performance under stable conditions, its promotion for the promotion of energy-saving grinding system is helpful.
Vertical Roller Mill
However, despite the vertical roller mill energy saving effect is obvious, technology advancement is rising, vertical roller mill in the next period of time will increasingly replace the traditional ball mill, Gao Changming believe that it is China’s cement industry vertical roller mill has a larger market demand, and this demand is expected to continue over 10 years. But he also stressed that innovation and technological development, survival of the fittest is not impossible to stop in front of the other grinding equipment technology is constantly strive innovation and progress, especially in terms of the raw material grinding, roller press finish grinding system has been revealed signs of superior vertical roller mill, Gao Changming think the industry should welcome this innovative competitive situation.
Indeed, technological progress is endless, and competition and innovation in order to promote the industry’s progress and development. The rapid development of China’s cement industry for nearly a decade without technological innovation, especially technological innovation inseparable and interdependent equipment industry. The future, China’s cement industry will face in the cement industry needs to upgrade, facing demands for sustainable development, thus recycling brilliant new industry. The cement industry, cement progress without upgrading equipment and technology continues to progress, can not do without cement excellent equipment suppliers continuous development and continuous innovation. To this end China Cement Net will award 2012 Second China cement industry hundred suppliers, on the one hand to recommend to the cement industry and cement companies excellent equipment suppliers, to encourage innovation and technology upgrading the cement industry, cement companies in selecting suppliers on more convenient; on the other hand, the list, but also to cement suppliers a spur and encouragement.