Ever used DNA to determine diet and exercise programmes?

Just come across this company DNA Fit.
They reckon they can work out a diet and exercise programme based on your DNA.

I’ve just sent off a swab from inside my mouth to be tested and awaiting results.
http://www.dnafit.com/ what do you guys think about it?

Nutrigenetics is an interesting field, and I like the idea of a service that reviews the literature and summarizes results that could be relevant to me. But I’m not sure enough is known yet to come up with a lot of useful advice (23andMe has the same problem), and I’d expect epigenetics (nutriepigenetics?) to play an important role as well.

Just read this. Sounds convincing?

Promising, but couldn’t find a link to a publication, just a press release.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a custom diet plan that take your food preferences into account is a bit more effective than a generic diet, but it’s not clear how this benefits from genetic testing vs a simple questionnaire.

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