Examples of YouTubers/Bloggers in the Biohacking/Quantified self niche who can make a living? 💰

I was talking to my career counselor about my different career dreams, and he said I should find concrete examples for the type of creator I want to become, with info about revenue and revenue streams!

One of my career dreams is to make a living as a YouTuber/Blogger in one of these niches:

  • Biohacking
  • Quantified self

However… I can’t find out how much money they make and what their revenue streams are…

So my question is:
- Which YouTubers in the Biohacking/Quantified self niche can make a living AND show their revenue streams?

I’ve seen a wide variety of people in this field create personal brands, but I’ve never seen anybody show their revenue streams. I suspect that blogging is not a big revenue generator, but is used to support adjacent work: consulting, online classes, and a variety of other business things. One person whose email list I subscribed to is Tiago Forte, https://fortelabs.co/ He is very generous about explaining how he supports himself by teaching.