Excercise Gadgets - Do they work?

As the title says I plan to buy an excercise gadget to help me stay fit. Between work and spendiing time with my family I don’t have enough time to visit the gym. That is why I am looking at alternatives to stay fit. I have been looking at a few products online and although the reviews are very positive, I am still a bit skeptical about the effects from using such products. Currently I am looking at Activ 5 and Bionic Gym. The second one looks quite expensive, but according to its review saves time and I can excercise while reading a book. Not sure about the results though. Have anyone used any of these products or if not, can you recommend a similar or alternative product? Thank you.

Neither a gym nor gadgets are needed to stay fit! There are many resources on “body weight” exercises that you can do anywhere, or check out one of the many “7 minute” workout apps.

A personal trainer can help you come up with a good routine and make sure you’re doing the exercises correct, but you can also DIY (assuming no prior injuries or other issues).

Gadgets like free weights, bands or step platforms can be added later, to make the exercises harder, not to make exercising less effort :sweat_smile:

In addition to strength training, there’s also “cardio” exercise, see e.g. these recommendations. If you get an exercise bike, you can read a book while working out, or perhaps you can incorporate some (fast) walking into your daily routine…