Exotic headsets like fNIRS... What have you tried?

Exotic headsets like fNIRS, Neurosity Crown, Mentalab? What have you tried?

Or all the other ones reviewed by Cody Rall?

mentalab was used for Explore+ | Mentalab and GitHub - MyelinGroup/myelin-fuzzy-logic: EEG Fuzzy Logic Pipeline

Millimeter-sized battery-free epidural cortical stimulators | medRxiv just got released
Motif neurotech
Lokey here: Motif Neurotech and intraoperative experiences. Proud parent. | JoJo Platt posted on the topic | LinkedIn

https://www.sfrey.net/ has some neurotech sites he collects (Mina Fahmi also wrote one such lsit)

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I am using Blueberry X right now.
Check it out.