Expereal - New Life Rating iPhone App

We are going into alpha testing with Expereal, a new iPhone app for rating, analyzing, comparing and sharing one’s life, and we’re looking for about 50 testers.

The initial release will allow users the ability to:
-Login with Facebook (Required)
-Rate one’s life experiences in the moment using a 10 point scale
-Capture one’s location, description tags, people and a photo (Optional)
-Share individual experience ratings on Facebook (Optional)
-Anonymously compare ratings with Facebook friends and other users
-Review past ratings and identify trends

The app has some social aspects, but allows a significant degree of anonymity (i.e., friends and other users would be unlikely to be able discern that you as an individual rated your life a ‘2’ at a particular moment and tagged it ‘garbage.’)

If interested, please sign up at the Expereal web site: http://expereal.com/contact/. I’ve posted a bunch of screenshots on Twitter (@expereal) and Facebook.

Thanks so much.


I have posted a “how to” along with numerous screenshots on the site: expereal.com/faq/

Thank you.

So, no android version of this app?

Is export of data as a CSV available?


Would greatly appreciate you taking this survey, as I’m determining which new features to add to Expereal. Thank you! Jonathan


I’ll take the survey if you answer the questions ^^^ :slight_smile:

Submitting new version of Expereal with improved data viz and more push notification options this week. I’ve attached a screenshot.

I know many people want a non-Facebook login option, as well as data export. I’m working on this for another version.

Thank you,


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