Experiences with programs to track finances?

I searched for programes that are able to create an overview about all the money I spended. So, I started to use cashbox.cash about a month ago. My first expression was good but now I am interested in other opinions. Is anyone experienced in programes like this?

Thanks for your help, Jhane

There’s also Mint, which pulls in transactions from your bank accounts, categorizes them, and lets you export the data as a spreadsheet.

As for what you can do with financial data, here’s a talk from the last Seattle QS meetup with some ideas: https://vimeo.com/163417734

I use Mint on my mobile phone and Quicken on my PC.

I just use a very old version of Quicken to track my Checking account so that I don’t accidentally overdraft. I am not sure if there is a good way for Mint to track recurring future payments that well but they may have added that.

Also, I don’t think Mint does a great job with Cash expenses. I tend to put more things on my credit cards now so that I can track them in Mint, get points and also not be stuck with a lot of spare change that is hard to cash in without the coin machines sucking out 9%.

I really love Mint’s ability to quickly track your overall cash flow… by the end of the month I know if the sum of all my bank and credit card accounts balance is ahead or not. Our finances are pretty simple though since we rent and don’t have any significant complicated investments.

We automatically transfer money to our savings account every month which is great way to “pay yourself first” and serves as a good mental barrier when our checking account gets low.

I’ve used mint. It’s pretty good for tracking and awareness of your spending.

The one thing that they don’t do well is help you figure out WHY you’re spending the money, which is the much more important question. The what is easy when you have a clear why.

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Thank for responding. I searched for a program I can use on both: my PC and my iphone. I really want to see where my cash goes. Some time ago I wrote a request to the cashbox.cash’s developper about an app version. About one week from now the iOS version is going to be released. I like the mobile version so I’m really looking forward to this new app.
First I’m going to check out mint, so I can compare both to find out the pros and cons.
I’ll keep you updated.

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