Experimentum (iOS) - Map associations between HABITS - VALUES - RESOURCES - CONDITIONS

Assign values in the unit of your choice ( $ , Time , #, or Fucks Given ) to habits, resources, values, and conditions.

Then link them together in two main ways:

  • Categorical (A is a Type of B)
  • Influential (A prevents B , B increases C)

Traverse Map of links through tap/shift Flowcharts

Choose Metrics for items (Duration of Habit / week , e.g. # People Met / week)
Take Measurements of Metrics (8 Asshats Met in Last Day , 30 cheeseburgers ate in Last Week)
Review Metrics (12 Homies met in Last Year , 1280 Cheeseburgers eaten in Last Year)

Discover Stuff because your all motherfuckin’ Sir Francis Bacons reincarnate!

I am by no means an expert in this Self experimentation business, but I admire all your dedication.

The app is free up to adding 50 Habits, Resources, etc. and you can get it here:


Here are some promo codes for the Unlimited version:

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