Facebook Conversation Analyzer

Hello to everyone,
I’m a computer science graduate, interested in data, AI and ALife, just really waiting to welcome our new robot overlords.

As a newbie in the Quantified Self community, I thought it would be good for me to share a current project of mine, hoping to get useful feedback and critiques.
It’s a Python project for analyzing and generate statistics from text conversations, and it includes a scraper and parser you can use right away for Facebook conversations. I relied on Pandas for the stats generation, and Seaborn for the visualization part.
You can find source code and documentation in my github repository.
And here you can read an introductory article I wrote about it, with descriptions and visual examples.

I might understand that the topic might be considered a bit less related to actual Quantified Self movement, but I feel this is still a form of “self-knowledge through self-tracking with technology”, so feel free to discuss or let me know your point of view about it.