Feedback needed for new sleep tracking app

I have been working in the sleep health space for a few years now and interested in the QS discussions regarding sleep.
We have designed a very useful mobile app for sleep tracking that is comprehensive and easy to use. The current version has a detailed sleep diary, lifestyle and satisfaction tracking, reaction time game, educational guidance for cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) and additional tools for personalized tracking of lifestyle habits and sleep quality/satisfaction. The detailed data can be easily exported into excel for individual analysis, which I think this group would find of interest.

The app (Awarables SleepBetter) is a free download in Google Play store and App Store:

iOS -

Android -

We continue to improve the functionality based on user feedback and insights. Please download it, use it and give us your comments.

Thank you in advance!



Thanks for making such app. I will recommend it to my friends.