Feedback re: Daily Routine/Checklists

Hey QS Community! This is my first post after being a long time reader of the forums. I am hoping to get some advice on an app/tool/service or method to track a checklist of recurring tasks that are part of my daily routine? I’ve tried apps that serve the recurring checklist niche (think Manifestly or Listables or Checkvist), to the Goal Trackers like Habitica/HabitRPG, the spreadsheet crowd (Excel, Sheets, Numbers), the database tools (Airtable), as well as even going with a more traditional evernote checklist route. However the problem I run into is none of those methods provide a flexible interface to add/subtract/modify items from the routine, analyze trend lines (which parts of the routine I excel at/fall short ast). The concept of the checklist for these items makes the most sense but I’ve found the typical response/input is either: Completion, Fail/Non-Completion, and an Other/N/A Category (for things like Prepare for a Meeting when there is no meeting that day). Most methods only support the Complete, Incomplete method or when you are able to create that third input (Spreadsheet tools) the UI is bulky and always fails the test of keeping me engaged. To sum up the above I’m hoping to get advice from this amazing crowd of QSers regarding some alternative ways to track a daily routine checklist (Think items like Make the Bed, Read NYT, Review spending, Pray etc.). Thanks in advance for thoughts or tools/apps. I’ve tried just about everything (I can think of) so some alternative ideas are very much appreciated!

Have you tried HabitBull? Decent UI, you can track incomplete goals (e.g. completed 50 out of 100 push-ups), plus you can export your data if the built-in charts aren’t sufficient.


One approach to handling the “n/a” situation is to simply tick the item for that day. In your “Prepare for a meeting” example, you’d check it as true even if it’s n/a. All tools will handle that situation, and yes you’re getting ‘credit’ but it’s often not the end of the world.

There are a small number of ‘fuzzy logic’ habit trackers that really intrigue me but the usability isn’t quite there. The Habit Factor - just too bug ridden and gets in my way. Sciral Consistency - very cool concept but not updated since 2012 (doesn’t sync between iOS and web, no web interface, no reporting). HomeRoutine (iOS) very useful for its intended purpose and can be revectored to serve as a habit builder app, but lacking in reporting.

Another interesting app - LeanPD (Lean Personal Development). Doesn’t at all get in the way, with an interesting visual reporting style.

I’ve also played around with Google Forms, which are easy to use and have the benefit of shoving the output into a google sheet for further summarizing etc. to your heart’s content.

But the search goes on.

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