Feelings about sharing Health Data

I’m curious what other people think about sharing your own health data. Nokia Health has a interactive website where you can see stats from all their users data:


Curious how that made other users feel since they also have a researcher program.

I got an survey about sharing my data from them about a week ago and It’s been making me really uneasy about using their devices. Do you think the benefits are worth it?

I’m just curious how people here feel about it since there are some users who share their data and whether or not this is a common sentiment.

Well, it’s hard to use any device when you know that it sends some info about you to any third parties. I don’t know, maybe it’s on some psychological level. But benefits are great and I have nothing to hide. And I don’t think that someone can use the info about steps I make per day against me. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are no names on their website, just statistics that give you an understanding of your own progress.

Sharing people’s data without their consent is generally frowned upon, even when the data is aggregated and anonymized, though that’s more of a gray area…

Just signed into my Nokia Health account, and I don’t see an option to opt out of having my data used for stats, or for being targeted for research trials.

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I am curious as well since we built Knomee under the assumption that data gathered through self tracking is private / very private when talking about mood or behaviour

I would like to hear if some of you think that we are over doing the privacy concerns :slight_smile:

Looks reasonable to me… A potential issue for someone who is concerned about privacy is having to export their data (in clear text?) via email. Also, when deciding whether to trust a developer, it can help to know if this is intended to be some kind of business (and if yes, what’s the business model?), or if it’s a non-profit project, or a hobby project.


This is a very interesting topic indeed. I think that what Eric says is true: you need to know what the developer will do with these data. If they were to be sold to insurance companies so they can adapt their prices to your current status, I think that would be terrible, for instance. But if it’s only for statistic purposes… I don’t really care. However, I’ll give it another thought and see what malefic purposes they could have :’)

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