Firmware for Zeo Mobile Headband?

Does anyone have a copy of the last firmware for the Zeo Mobile headband? I bought one from ebay, but when I tried to use it the app said it didn’t work with the firmware that was on the headband and to upgrade it, but as you probably know the Zeo site is gone.


[color=#FF4500]I considered merging this thread into our ongoing Zeo tech discussion but perhaps its worth leaving it here since it is a simple question about how to access the firmware. If we begin to get redundant I’ll merge the threads later.

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I’m also looking for a version of the latest mobile firmware and haven’t had any success. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve looked too and haven’t seen anything yet. Will keep my eyes open.

I’ve just bought a zeo mobile on ebay. Can anyone tell me what the latest mobile firmware is, or what they have installed? Mine has 0.0.70 on it. I’ve no idea how old that is.

I’m glad this thread is still being kept open, but disappointed that no one has provided an answer. I spent a few hours poring through the other thread that has like 13 pages, but could not find the answer there so either it was never answered or I just missed it.

Most of the posts refer to the bedside unit which provides what appears to be easier access to data and has plenty of information on updating the firmware. Since it has an external SD card it makes it easier to manipulate and access the firmware as well as the data.

I’d like to add to the original question of if anyone knows where to get the latest firmware update for the mobile sleep manager head band and what the instructions are for uploading it? The version that I have on my current head band is 0.0.47. For over a year now that has worked fine so I am also wondering if anyone knows what the firmware update is good for since in contrast to the bedside unit I don’t believe there is an option to export raw data as a CSV file (ie encoded and encrypted data doesn’t mean anything here since all you get are hypnographs). In other words I highly suspect that unless you are having a problem the whole question of updating the firmware is moot and pointless (Why try to fix something that ain’t broke?) There appears to be another thread discussing this, but sadly no answer to this question, so I am wondering if anyone here has the answer.

Although this is unrelated to the firmware update, I think its hard for people to get basic questions answered about the Mobile Headband and app in the other thread, because its too voluminous and not specific to the Mobile device. Therefore I thought I’d include a few of the comments I posted over there.

Having used the device for over a year I think I can answer a few of the questions I saw that came up here regarding the mobile version of the device. The advantage of the mobile device is that you can access your data on an iPhone or Android phone. What is displayed is what I think everyone else is referring to as a hypnogram. Also the headband and charger are a little easier to transport & can be charged via a computer using the micro or mini usb port (depending on whether you have the mobile pro or mobile pro plus). The data can also be exported, but I don’t see any way to get the underlying data as a CSV file like you can with a bedside unit (for the average person that level of detail is probably unnecessary). I do have probably about a years worth of data showing up on my phone and its easy to see. So the person who said you can easily see and access just a weeks worth of data on the mobile device is incorrect. In fact, it sounds like the iPhone app (and perhaps the Android) permits you to see MORE not less historical data than the bedside unit. I can’t tell for sure, but I think the bar graph increments are about 7-8 minutes. From what I read that suggests that the bedside unit provides a more detailed hypnogram. Does it matter? probably not for most of us.

The original app is no longer available on iTunes and I don’t know if it is still available on Android (I’m guessing yes, since my brother bought a unit & used it on his Android phone AFTER Zeo went out of business). I followed with interest the thread on how the old iphone app doesn’t work on the new MAC OS 7 operating system. Oddly enough I did not experience such an issue although several other users have said they did. So yes this means my same old software from IOS 6 (which must be over a year old) still works on my iPhone 4S that has OS 7. It may be that the operating system on an iPhone 5 using IOS 7 is different from an iPhone 4S, but I doubt it. I’m more inclined to think that the software got corrupted (as sometimes happens) or that for users that started using the app BEFORE upgrading or who never restored their phone as new that the app will work fine. I’m not an iPhone developer, but I always had the impression it was possible to upload apps downloaded with a different Apple ID. I thought the issue is more of getting one of those nasty messages to input the password that you don’t know even though when you don’t the program still loads and still runs (of course NOT having much experience with this I could be totally wrong). I have not seen anyone post an apple ID free version of the ZEO iphone software and do not know how otherwise to remove the apple ID from it.

I also am looking for firmware for the Zeo Mobile. I had the app installed on my iPad and everything was working fine until I updated the os on my iPad. The app remains but is truncated. It will display a single nights sleep data but when I try to access the sleep history the app crashes. Of course Apple no longer offers the application in the ITunes store. I have a backup of my iPad on my laptop but unless I am mistaken restoring it will not restore the firmware. Help!