Fitness tracker and Jawbone Up data analysis

Hi fellow QSers,

I’ve been using the Jawbone Up24 for roughly 2 months now and have been accumulating more and more data that I’d love to make more actionable. In other words, how can I use my Up data to improve various aspects of my life? I’d love to hear how more experienced Fitness Tracker users (Up, Fitbit, Nike Fuel, etc.) are using the data they accumulate to optimize their daily lives. I discuss my own love/hate relationship with the Up24 in more detail here:


Don’t expect surprising discoveries from the data that simple gadgets like the Jawbone UP produce. You can however use the data to help confirm whether certain “optimizations” (e.g. a supplement or a new sleep or exercise routine) are having a significant effect on one of the measured variables–or if you’re just wasting your time and money :slight_smile:

Appreciate the insight ejain! What are your favorite gadgets/tools to work with?

Current favorites are:

[] BodyMedia FIT: Records calories burned throughout the day, which seems more useful than just steps, and sleep, without the need to manually start and stop.
] Moves: Tracks where I am and how long I spent at each place.
[] Withings Scale: Works as advertised.
] Zenobase: The most amazing service ever for aggregating and correlating all this data :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I have a Withings scale as well and it’s pretty nifty, though at times there is significant delay when syncing data from the scale to the app. I’ve downloaded Moves a while back and didn’t find it very useful for me, but I just re-downloaded as I’m curious to see how the data compares with the Jawbone Up.

Interestingly, BodyMedia was acquired by Jawbone last year so we’ll see what new products result from the combination:

Anyone else open to sharing what toys they use?