Fitness Tracker/Software retain data privacy

We are looking for a fitness tracker that will allow us to tracker our data on our MACs without having our data uploaded online. We would like to be able to track steps, aerobic steps, heart rate and calories would be great. We don’t need a connection with our cell phones.

Suggestions with an app we could use for tracking would be useful but we could develop our own database if we could pull the data off with a .csv or other format file via a usb drive etc.

Thank you.

Try out
it is an open-source app for peppble and the Mi Band. It works on your phone, without internet. You can export the raw data. I can recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S: 20 days battery, sleep with HR, steps all day.

Thanks Tom. Do you know if the software will work with the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Miband with OLED Display? Not sure the newer one is better still learning.

How about using Apple Health apps? No cloud storage there. You can export as .xml or use QS Access App to get data in tabular format.

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