Fits & Starts

Hello all! I’ve just released a new HealthKit enabled iOS app to the US app store called Fits & Starts.

Fits & Starts lets you see the high-resolution data recorded in HealthKit during an event from your calendar – for instance, your heart rate during a stressful meeting with the boss, or your stride rate while walking to lunch.

You can get quick stats like total distance travelled or average stride rate for each event.

You can also dig into the daily data recorded in HealthKit. Just choose a day and a fitness metric you want to explore. The metric you selected will be shown with the events for that day overlaid on top.

App Store URL:

Video Preview:

Suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated!

Note that to see data like heart rate you need a HealthKit compatible heart rate monitor (like some upcoming watch I’ve read about) that records its data in HealthKit.

Looks nice… Have you noticed any inconsistencies in the way different apps report data to HealthKit? I’m curious because it’s a bit of an issue with Google Fit.

I haven’t yet although I don’t have enough instances of different apps contributing the same metrics to come to any conclusions. What are you seeing with Google Fit ?

I documented the data sent by different apps to Google Fit in this spreadsheet.