Food and Energy Correlations

I am looking for an app that will provide insight into the food that I eat and my energy (and/or mood).

I use myfitnesspal to track my food so if there was an app that could sync with that to track my energy at different times of the day and then give me correlations it would be very helpful.

I was looking for something very similar a couple of years ago, but that can help me track more than just energy: any other symptoms, including illness symptoms, sleep, and energy levels. I’m still looking for an ideal app, but until then, I’ve been using an Android app that does all that but needs improvement; it is called MySymptoms.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the reply. I had downloaded MySymtoms but noticed that they did not have any foods in their database.

You’re welcome. Yes, I had to add my regular products in the beginning, and have to add any new products; but once I’m done with the first day, then the next few days, it is usually smooth to use the app.

I myself wish there was a more popular and better looking app for this need, but unfortunately, that’s the only option I’m aware of. So if you find anything else for this purpose, I’d love to hear about it on this thread.