Food tracking (using MFP) into google spreadsheet

I use MFP to track my food intake. Its convenient because a lot of the popular foods are already in there. However, I couldnt find a easy way to integrate my food intake with google spreadsheets.

My overall goal is it make the process of collecting data as easy/passive as possible and to seamlessly transfer data from various sources into google spreadsheet so I can track my overall progress. I also find google spreadsheet to be like an universal hub, which can be used to analyze the data pretty easily, find correlations etc. A lot of my active and passive tracking already happens in google spreadsheet.

Is there a easy way to transfer the MFP data to google spreadsheets? Is there any other alternative food tracking app similar to MFP which can easily transfer the data into google spreadsheets?

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I don’t know about getting it to go directly into a google spreadsheet, but here is at least one way to get the data out as a csv.

If you’re willing to write some code, you can extract data from MyFitnessPal using a variety of libraries on GitHub:

We has a QS blog post about this too:

Thanks. I will look into this.

Once you have it in tab-delimited format, you can view it as a histogram and get some simple stats with my app:

(The Sample Data File is some of my old MFP data)

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