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How many members does this forum have. Are there any charts to show the change over time? Just trying to get a sense of the community.


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I just took a quick look:



I’m guessing crawlers are those robots used by search engines?

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yep, it’s good this is identified because they come often

It’s really interesting to see this data - presumably you also know how many people have a profile on the site and of these how many have engaged with the QS forum over the past year. It would also be interesting to know how this is changing over time i.e. how does this compare year by year.
This interests me because I am reading academic research on self-tracking and the data double which mainly focuses on small scale ethnographic and interview studies. It would be good to put this type of detailed work in the context of knowing how broad/large the community is as a whole…although of course many people self-track but will not be part of the QS community.


Hi Jane,

You are welcome to use the site stats for academic research, and if there is something you can’t easily find let me know. We have about 6500 users with accounts. I estimate that we’ve had between 20,000 - 40,000 individuals interacting in person or online in all our formats over the last decade. (That means posting, registering, or attending in person, not merely viewing a web page.)

I have a request in return. This is our public Zotero bibliography of self-tracking research. It’s a public academic resource that offers a lot of value to researchers IF people continue to add new items when they find them. If you are reading research that is not listed here, will you add it? Thank you.


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Many thanks - I really appreciate your supportive reply, and yes I’ll have a look at the Zotero resource and add relevant papers as I read them. There is a burgeoning literature out there . i also use Zotero to organise my own bibliographic references so should be easy for me to contribute,
best wishes

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I tried to add this paper to the public Zotero bibliography but got an error message - perhaps I do not have permission to add papers?

From self-tracking to self-expertise: The production of self-related knowledge by doing personal science

Nils B. Heyen

First Published November 28, 2019 Research Article Find in PubMed

Article information

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Thank you for posting that paper, its a very good one. I’ll check on the Zotero permissions.

…and here is another really interesting paper by Rapp and Tirassa, that doesn’t seem to be in the QS Zotero bibliography

Know Thyself: A Theory of the Self for Personal Informatics

Amon Rapp &Maurizio Tirassa

Pages 335-380 | Accepted author version posted online: 27 Jan 2017, Published online: 10 Apr 2017

How to analyze the interests of the forum participants?

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