Free Insidetracker Ultimate testing (cholesterol trial)

If you have LDL>130, the blood testing/analytics company InsideTracker will give you 4 of their top-of-the-line Ultimate blood tests free in exchange for participating in a 3-month trial. They are very friendly to QSers, so yes you get to keep all your data.

contact for details.

(Note: I’m not affiliated with InsideTracker other than as a happy user. I’ll be testing my microbiome and a bunch of other metrics before/during/after. This is a cool (cheap) way to do some serious blood-related testing if you qualify).

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Thanks for posting this - I talked to Gil Blander, one of the InsideTracker founders last week, and he told me they are doing a study on the impact of natural supplement (plant sterols) on lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. As you say, it could be a good way to get access to their extensive biomarker tests through being involved in a double blind, crossover study.

The details are here:

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I’m partway through the enrollment/approval process.

I hope they do more studies like this, I bet there’s a lot of surprising (and useful) results that turn up when you give all the subjects comprehensive bloodwork.