Frequenzy domain parameters

Hi all,

I’m a novice when it comes to biohacking - but I do run (mostly maffetone) and meditate regularly. Plus breathing exercises when stressed. Also, no sugar or meat (except eggs). Now, recently I’ve been using two HRV apps (elitehrv and welltory). I get “good” readings on most days when looking at Time Domain Paramters - but not so good when looking at Frequenzy Domain Parameters. One of the apps frequently suggests that I’m in good shape and can go for a run or write a book, or whatever - while simultaneously saying that I’m worn out and needs to rest. The TDP results suggest the former. The FDP results, the latter. In the other app my “readiness” is mostly optimal, but when doing a population comparison, where all the TDP’s are where they should be considering age and gender, FDP’s are not where they should be. They are to low in both apps. Now, I’m not asking anyone to give medical advice over the internet, although you should feel free to do so if you feel like it, but can this be explained somehow? I’ve read somewhere that FDP’s are not valid unless you do a long reading, my readings are never longer than five minutes, but then why are they included? My blood pressure is optimal. My resting HR is good and my RMSSD is mostly good when waking up.
Now, when it comes to biohacking I do two things that are probably not considered “good”. I’m addicted to nicotine, Swedish snuff (not cigarettes), and I’m on ADHD medication - which means that I constantly have amphetamine in my body. In the ADHD clinic, they check blood pressure and HR, and if this is well, all is well. I would actually like to have it that way, and not dig any deeper in the HRV world (ADHD brains are not good at reading scientific journals), but of course, I get curious when I get conflicting readings in my health apps.
Any input?
Ps also, I take melatonin for the night DS

Don’t know about Welltory, but the “readiness” score in Elite HRV seems overly sensitive to small changes. HRV4Training is better about not reading too much into small changes, but I find getting repeatable readings easier with the visual feedback in Elite HRV…

Population comparisons don’t seem all that useful, except perhaps for helping me better judge the significance of changes to my own values.

Thank you! Anybody else with input regarding TDA and FDA and the confusing discrepancies I get in my readings between the two?