Fridgebit - is there such a thing yet?

I was thinking that it would be cool to track the number of times I open my fridge each day. This would probably be a simple task for a smart connected fridge but I was wondering if anyone has thought of a simple way to equip a run-of-the mill old fridge with a sensor. I was thinking of maybe using something like a magnetic switch connected to an Arduino or just a simple counter circuit of some sort.

I attempted making a “FridgeBit” app using a very old smartphone that was no longer useable:

It works somewhat well but it would be a pain to have to charge it every day.

I am thinking that the number of times that the fridge door opens would be a simple useful statistic for single people or a couple or chronic overeaters like me :blush:

I’ve tried scouring eBay for Bluetooth switches etc. but haven’t yet found anything that quite fits the bill. It obviously would be very cool if it had a Bluetooth interface but even a simple counter display would probably work too.

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Sounds like something an Estimote could do.

If you put a beacon in the fridge, when you open the door, it will be able to connect to your smartphone - assuming the phone senses it while the door is open, which could be as little as 5 seconds.

Perhaps even better, attach an estimote sticker to the door and create an action based on its motion sensor.

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Thanks! Not sure if they have Android compatibility yet but looks really cool. Would be really nice if I can interface it to rfo-basic for rapid prototyping.

The idea that comes to mind here is to purchase a smart light bulb to replace the standard bulb in your fridge. I know that many will allow you to monitor when and for how long they’re on.