Fruit and blood sugar

What is a healthy blood sugar response after eating an apple please?

Hi, thanks for joining the forum and asking this question. I don’t know your healthy response to eating a single apple, but from my own projects I suspect the rise and fall will be influenced by what else you have eaten recently, your activity, the size and sweetness of the apple, and your individual response. What is it you hope to learn from measuring the effect of 1 apple specifically?

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Not sure about healthy, but I can tell you what’s not healthy. I wore a glucose monitor for 2 weeks and checked the rise in my blood sugar after eating specific foods. (I’m pre-diabetic, but not diabetic.) One medium-size Gala apple was good for (very) roughly a 20 pt rise, so I’d say that a healthy response would be something less than that. Fwiw, what I learned from this is that if I wanted to keep my normal 110 reading below 140, I needed to wait 2 hrs between eating foods with moderate carbs.

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I can get +20mg/dL blood sugar rises after eating an apple (and even more when drinking apple juice on an empty stomach, see chart below), and my fasting blood sugar and A1C have always been in the healthy range. But as @Agaricus pointed out, the exact response differs based on timing, activity level etc. If you want something with more diagnostic value (rather than personalized nutritional advice), look up “oral glucose tolerance test”.



Thank you. What was your reading after an apple then please? Did you test 1hr or 2hr after eating? Thank you again for your time.

Thank you. I just wanted to understand if my blood sugar peak after eating an apple as a mid afternoon snack was unwise. I’m not diabetic but want to maintain healthy levels. I’m in the UK and was at 7.1mmol after a 3PM apple with a glass of soya milk.

Also, do you feel that your response to an apple is ‘healthy’ and ok to consume if not diabetic.

I was aiming for a lower carb diet but not ketosis as I’m slightly underweight and at least need to maintain (or ideally gain lean muscle)

Hi Littlevoice. There were 9 occasions I ate an apple and tested my blood sugar afterwars. In only two cases did I eat the apple by itself. Those saw my blood sugar go from 103 to 123 when I checked 80 min later, and 101->130 50 min later. On the other occasions, I saw 111 -> 150 with other fruit included, 118-145 with a slice of pizza, etc. In all cases, my blood sugar fell back to under 120 after 2 hrs. I have to caution that this is just my personal result, is really unscientific, and may not apply to anyone else.

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Doesn’t look like apples are a big concern for me. But I probably shouldn’t start drinking large quantities of apple juice on an empty stomach every day.

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