Full body MRI scan to measure fat and muscle - now in SF and LA

Klarismo now offers affordable full body MRI scans in San Francisco and LA.

From the MRI scan we create a number of cool visualizations of your body, e.g. what it looks like with the subcutaneous fat layer removed etc.

An MRI is the only way to measure visceral fat volume. In addition we also do brain volume and soon volumes for major muscle groups.

Watch me explain more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKjmeHEjOow

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This looks like a great service! What are the benefits of doing an MRI scan rather than a DEXA scan, for measuring fat and muscle? The cost of a DEXA scan is about half ($125 without any discounts, vs $250).

DXA scans are now $45 a pop if you use a mobile service like Body-Spec. But the problem is DXA may not be as reliable as thought, according to a few studies [1, 2, 3].

Since I’m a QSer, I’ve just scanned myself on two consecutive days this month, and here’s what happened:

See my writeup “How accurate is DXA” for the full story.

Marcus, thoughts?


Sorry Dan and Eric, I replied on another thread. The studies you cited clearly show that DXA is pretty susceptible to to things like exact placement of the body on the table, which are very hard to control for in day to day operations.

Still, DXA is cheap and cheerful and much better than bioimpedance based analysis.

The advantage of a Klarismo MRI based body scan is that we can not just measure fat and muscle tissues very accurately but we also create a much, much better way to visualize the tissues for you. It’s a whole new way of exploring your body. We are working on building full 3D models of all your major fat deposits, muscle tissues, organs etc. Lot’s of other exciting stuff coming up, we are just getting started.

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