Full versus empty stomach

Hi All!

I have a question regarding breakfast (or the lack of it).

Some fitness gurus like Ori Hofmekler - founder of the Warrior’s diet- argue that exercising on an empty stomach while fasting or before eating breakfast will result in greater fat loss, endurance and muscle growth.

Others - like Tim Ferriss- claim that eating breakfast first thing in the morning and exercising some time afterwards is the best way to build muscles and lose weight.

Does anyone has any data on the subject?

Thank you!

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I don’t have a full answer for you (and would be interested to see one also), only some comparative studies of protein and carb consumption before compared to after working out.

Checkout the “nutrient timing” section of http://examine.com/supplements/Whey+Protein/#summary12-2

“One study on 6 healthy and untrained volunteers, an essential amino acid (EAA) solution of 6g taken alongside 35g carbohydrate in a fasted state was significantly more effective in improving muscle protein synthesis (as measured by phenylalanine incorporation) when taken immediately before when compared to immediately after.”

"Pre-loading some protein, if in a fasted state, may be better than consuming it after a workout with little to no pertinent need to consume the protein immediately after the workout. "

The citations are on the linked page.

I’m also curios of any results regarding this. Specifically: morning empty stomach exercising vs after breakfast.