Functioning while wearing an Oura Ring

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I’ve just ordered an Oura Ring sizing kit and have been trying to get adjusted to the ring for the past two days… But it just doesn’t work :slight_smile:

It’s not that the ring is bulky - it’s that its thick sides touch my other finger(s), which makes typing and other common operations that require the use of hands feel like a dog walking in boots.

I’ve tried wearing it on the left ring, middle and index finger, and it felt awkward/annoying on each.

Has anyone managed to wear this daily? Or do you use it just to track sleep?

I’ve been wearing an Ōura for the past 6 months and got used to it after just a few days. I wear it on my middle finger of one hand during the day, and before bed I switch it to the index finger of my opposite hand (which happens to be the same size).

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Just got the real ring. It feels slightly slimmer than the hard plastic test ring, and I don’t think that’s an illusion, because I went several days without wearing the plastic ring. So far so good. I do wish they made the slides even slimmer, since they only need to house the wires from the sensors at the bottom, and strength isn’t much of an tensile issue in that area of the ring.

It also feels tighter than the plastic sizing ring… hopefully I won’t need to test that tensile strength against a saw :slight_smile:

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