Funl - Build Good Habits and Save For Rewards

Hi QS, I’m Shawn, co-founder of Funl.

Funl is a web app that uses positive reinforcement to help you create healthy habits and reward yourself each time you perform them. Using Funl, you pay yourself to build the life you want.

Each Habit in Funl has a small financial incentive attached. As you perform these Habits, a payout will be directed into the Reward of your choosing, helping you progress toward your goal. Upon reaching your goal you can splurge on your Reward, knowing that you’ve earned it!

We just launched our beta a few weeks ago and we are excited to see how Funl helps people build better habits. We’re still testing, and would love feedback from QS members on how to improve the app and help drive habit change.

Over the next few months, we plan to add peer support through social integration, regular habit encouragement, and build out the Rewards portion of the app to connect to user’s bank accounts and interface with online retailers.

Learn more at: or chat with me right here.