Funl - Habit Change Through Positive Reinforcement [x-post from Apps]

Hi QS, I’m Shawn, co-founder of Funl.

Funl is a web app that uses positive reinforcement to help you create healthy habits and reward yourself each time you perform them. Using Funl, you pay yourself to build the life you want.

Each Habit in Funl has a small financial incentive attached. As you perform these Habits, a payout will be directed into the Reward of your choosing, helping you progress toward your goal. Upon reaching your goal you can splurge on your Reward, knowing that you’ve earned it!

We’re aiming to differentiate from services where you are billed for failure, or which provide no additional reinforcement and merely track your performance. I’d love to hear your thoughts on putting a personal finance spin on habit formation, and what you like or dislike about our approach.

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We’re currently seeing two modes of use from our beta users: Habit creation and cessation.

Interestingly, many of the bad habits people are aiming to break involve an existing expense. Many users are then redirecting this saved expense into their reward.

Here are some examples:

  • Pack a lunch instead of eating out. Put the $10 I saved in a vacation fund.
  • Skip the morning coffee. Put the $4 toward an espresso machine for home.
  • Quit Smoking: For every cigarette I skip, I put $5 toward a dinner with my wife.

It seems easier to justify paying yourself to perform, when you would have spent the money on a vice otherwise.