Future of Wearables Interview (paid)

Hi Everyone

I am a member of Human Futures Studio. We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers working at the intersection of social science, strategic foresight, and design. We are currently leading a project on the futures of wearable technology and are looking for people in the U.S., especially Seattle and New York, to interview.

If you can answer YES to all three statements below, please pop me an email to my name.surname@humanfuturesstudio.com (name and surname below).

  1. I like to try the latest, cutting-edge technology as soon as it is available
  2. I own and personally use a smartphone AND
    a smart watch / fitness tracker / smart ring AND
    smart glasses / AR / MR headset
  3. I use these devices most days of the week if not everyday

The interview discussion will be a paid opportunity.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.

Name: Marizanne
Surname: Knoesen