Future Trends Project (Paid)

Apologies, I didn’t see this board until after I posted. For anyone who may have missed it:

We are working on a fantastic project about FutureTrends, and are looking to speak with strategic thinkers from different fields (tech, science, measurement, business, futurism, etc.)

We’re working with a beauty and cosmetics client who wants to understand a large range of categories outside their own (e.g., science, technology, fashion, digital), to understand how the future is going to impact their own business.

The written interview would last anywhere between 1-2 hours and would pay
$400 (you’d do it on your own time, and turn it into us in a few days’
time) and then we may have a follow-up phone interview lasting 1 hour that
would pay an additional $300.

We’re reviewing candidates with our client this week. If you’re interested
in being part of this project, put some background information about yourself using link below, so that we can make the recommendation.


Good luck!