General purpose self-experimentation app for Android

Hi! We are researchers in the Brown University Human-Computer Interaction group who developed a self-tracking app called ‘Self-E’ to study whether it can help users run small experiments on themselves to try and optimize various aspects of their well-being. In the app, you can select an experiment to try and after a few days, you would receive a result with how much (if at all) it has improved the well-being aspect you are tracking. Tell us what you think!

More details on how it works here:

Download Self-E for free:

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Would be happy to give it a try, but I’ve got an iPhone. Any chance you’ve got an iOS version?

Hey @sskaye, at the moment it’s only available for Android :slight_smile:

I’d like to participate, but unfortunately I’ve also got an iPhone.

Are you planning on reporting the results of how your app has helped at some point in the future?

Why can’t I do multiple experiments at the same time?

@tuckle We weighed having that option… Based on this study, we found that experimenting with too many variables often led to inconclusive results for novice self-experimenters, so we removed that option for now. We may incorporate that feature at some point in the future, if that’s desirable!

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