Generic data analysis tool?


I have a query which is similar-ish to the comments in the “Data Analysis Software” thread. Basically, my issue is this: I’ve been tracking various things for a number of years (computer usage: software app used, activity by # keys pressed, mouse clicks), location (via phone), and various other usages such as medication usage, caffeine intake etc.

These I’ve been tracking using custom scripts and a gmail account, and I’m getting to the stage where I really want to use the data, but I’m struggling to find tools that seem capable / applicable. I have no data analysis or data mining background, and unfortunately, tools like your.flowingdata cannot import very easily.

So I was hoping to get some advice on tools which might be able to do what I want. One example: my software tracking script logs the active window every 5 seconds; what I need then to do meaningful analysis is to have a tool which can easily chunk the records and pull out most active windows, etc, # keys pressed.

I’d like to be able to do analysis along the lines of your.flowingdata (at least to start with).

Many thanks


ps: I have coding background so I’m not averse to some hands-on development, but I don’t have any experience with any substantial data analysis.

I use R. It’s free, can handle many sorts of data, and has few bugs.

R is really powerful. Since you have programming experience you should be able to handle it.

Thanks, that is helpful.