Generic dead man's switch?

Hi! I’m looking for a way to log when I DON’T do something (take pills etc.).

Ideally I want to push a button regularly whenever things are as they should, and log when they are not. The closes thing I’ve found is the Flic hardware button, but it doesn’t seem like it supports dead man’s switch functioality (allthough we can vote for this idea).

Has anyone here found working solutions for this?

Trackthisforme is a general-purpose tracking app that can be set up to log a default value (e.g. 0) when nothing is logged for an entire day. Similar apps like KeepTrack and Nomie also let you set reminders if you don’t log anything within a certain period of time.

Great! Do you if I can use webhooks with any of these? That would work out well with flic.

Trackthisforme has a web API, but doesn’t let you register webhooks.

Another option might be to connect the device to Beeminder via IFTTT or Zapier, and set up a goal that requires one button press each day…

I’m late to the party on this topic but I think you can do this pretty easily with (disclosure: my site).

You can set a “Notification” on any Event for when it’s Logged or if it’s not Logged for a chosen period of time…

That setup sends me an email if I don’t log meds for a day (in my case, a multivitamin). But you could set the email to and do an “if email, then X” applet to do whatever you like, such as start playing a song on your phone or flash your smart lights, or whatever.

Ping me if you’d like some help setting something up. I’m very interested in IFTTT but I’m definitely not a power user.