Genomapp analyzes 23andMe raw data

Hi! I´d like to introduce Genomapp, an app that analyzes your genetic test (23andMe, Decodeme, Navigenics…) to obtain the maximum information of your DNA. Genomapp´s reports include complex diseases, monogenic diseases, inherited conditions, observable signs, pharmacological response and traits. You can try the demo mode of the app for free.

Neat! Great name too :smile:
How does it work? How do you get your data? Can you point us to reports on what you can test for?

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Thanks! :grinning:

I´ll try to answer your questions:

To use Genomapp you must first install the app in your phone, then upload your 23andMe (or other providers) file with raw data and the app will process it in your device. We don´t see your data, all the process takes place in your phone.

The raw data file is compared with a extensive list of conditions from official sources.

The app features a demo mode with an example of a raw file that lets you see the app in action and read the reports. You can also see some screenshots in or view our video in YouTube But I encourage you to try the app, as it is free to download and see the demo.

Thanks again for your interest!

Sounds great! It may be proprietary information, but could you say something more specific about the “official sources”?


Hi Zeta,

Genomapp uses data from The National Center for Biotechnology Information to relate genomic variation with human health. You can see the details in the Acknowledgements section of the app.
The app is still version 1.0 and we want to continue making improvements like references to scientific papers, so the sources will keep on growing.


Is there a web-based platform too, or only a mobile app?