Get consistent results with Bodyfat scale/BIA (Bio-electrical impedance)?

I’ve just bought the Renpho bodyfat scale, and am looking to get consistent results.

I know they aren’t accurate, but I just need them to be consistent, so I can see if I’m progressing in the gym by measuring myself daily and finding the weekly averages in weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc.

This is my plan for measuring consistently

  • Morning
  • Same weight, same place
    • On a leveled, hard, flat surface
  • After pooping/peeing
  • Without clothing or with the same clothing
    • My plan is to only wear underwear
  • Calibrate
  • Stand straight & still

Am I missing anything?

Can you tag the data? Alcohol, salty dinner, fever, bad nights sleep, etc.
I recall one approach was to really hydrate and wait 30 min to get consistent body fat results.

I used monthly averages. I have the Garmin Index scale. In 2017 I did monthly Dexa scans and in 2018 I did quarterly. My monthly numbers from the Garmin scale were inline with the Dexa scans. I no longer bother with the Dexa scans.

But I want it to be easy & convenient.

That sounds awesome :smiley: