Getting Started with data analysis

Hi, I’ve been tracking a lot of stuff for 5 months but have put off analyzing it because I’m not sure how. I’ve been tracking many things and am interested in how it affects my mood. I would rather not put all my data into an app (privacy) and would prefer to do all of the analysis in Libre Office.

I have all of these time stamped variables like overall mood 1-10 with this other variable called “charge” which I’m confused as to its meaning or what to do with it.

I guess the best place to start is to begin looking for correlations betwee the variables. Doing that seemed pretty easy for other data sets, but all of the guides I found online didn’t really take time into account. So, I don’t know how to practically start looking for correlations or analyze my data.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If you’re talking about data exported from Nomie, the “charge” is a tracker-specific setting that can be positive or negative (e.g. if you are tracking the “number of donuts eaten”).

The best place to start would be to come up with some questions you are interested in, or suspected correlations. Then try to use the data to answer/verify the question…