Glucose Monitoring vs Macro tracking - Which do you prefer?

Hey everyone!

My name is David Sloane, the CEO at Cambrean - we’re building a home for all of your biometric data. I have a question for folks tracking their nutrition/food - are you monitoring your glucose levels or tracking your macro’s? (or both)

I have used Levels in the past for a few months (I wasn’t the biggest fan) & I have tracked macro’s on and off for years, but I’m curious, which do you prefer?

To add : do you dislike needles & the idea of a CGM?

I’d love to hear your takes / opinions on this…

Thank you!

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I have been tracking my Macros forever. Over the last few years I’ve tried a few CGMs; Medtronic, Libra2 and currently Dexcom6. I am in the habit of recording a fingerstick glucose reading each am and pm even with CGM. The CGM data is interesting and I’ve learned a few things that surprised me. But, over all, Macro tracking is my preferred method. Mostly because I watch my daily protein intake and calorie in/out balance.


That makes sense. I’m curious, what have you learned?

I was surprised how wild rice spiked my blood sugar. High sugar foods actually impacted my heart rate before CGM.

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Yes, I was really shocked when I started using my CGM. The other big surprise was how much low glycemic meals kept my blood glucose low over the entire 24-hour period.
Good luck in the future,

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I’ve been very curious about Levels. What were your impressions?

It was interesting for a few weeks to understand how my ‘usual’ meals spike my glucose - but after that, I didn’t find it very useful.

Also, it lacked a lot of context. Sometimes I want to spike my glucose before a soccer match / training session - but Levels would tell me the spike isn’t good for me…

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Hi Dave, I have been fasting for 14 to 16 hours and then “testing” different foods with my CGM. I have found that some foods, listed as having a high glycemic index, do not spike my glucose as much as expected. I am now using this data to select foods.


I’ve only tracked my macros. Not opposed to trying CGM, just havent.