Going from lurking to interacting ;)

hi peeps,
i’ve been reading/observing various threads for awhile now - and am finally getting around to introducing myself and committing myself to being more proactive member of this exciting community.

i’m a product designer/UI designer/creative director who’s been around the high tech industry for A LONG time ;0 I have had a few funded companies, but none that amounted to much in the end. Money has never been my motivating force - change is, and the QS movement optimizes so much that interests me. I feel like we’re on the brink of a humanistic renaissance, thanks to QS and technology.

i’ve been playing around making prototypes that involve a ‘lean back’ QS approach to mood observation/manipulation through short format video clips…and playing with concepts of how we can create triggers that prompt immediate action with enthusiastic opt-in behavior. A big challenge that i’m determined to explore. my personal site is at http://www.arielmcnichol.com

i’m currently reading Hooked http://www.amazon.com/Hooked-How-Build-Habit-Forming-Products-ebook/dp/B00HJ4A43S after a week long bath in Dr BJ Higgs and tiny habits.

i’m from California, with long stints both in the SV/SF and LA. Right now i’m in argentina until late August with my 2 kids and professor husband who’s on sabbatical from UCLA.

Hey Ariel! Pleased to meet you. Highly cool stuff. Nice website, will show Jack Andraka’s TED talk to the kids

Hooked looks neat too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the welcome Dave!

Welcome Ari!

The Mood Project looks interesting. My girlfriend is obsessed with ASMR videos on YouTube and they are a big trigger for relaxation. It is interesting to see the type of videos you’ve already profiled for each “Moodstream” @ mood-project.com.

How do you curate the videos? Are you planning on creating any yourself, or just using ones that already exist?

Hi Dave!
Thank you for looking at the prototype of the ‘mood project’ - it’s a very rough start and i have so many unanswered questions/directions/thoughts. your mentioning of the ASMR videos is fascinating. i had never heard of them - now from a quick search on the matter, i am fascinated.

Thank you for asking the questions about the prototype - my first instinct about it is that i’d pre-populate the playlists of mood myself, and go to local film schools and offer contests for film makers to make the most effective mood trigger videos of x-seconds or less…meanwhile, we’d build in a ‘thumbs up/down’ and effectiveness ranking system to help filter the videos by usertype…and…as the community grows, they are given the ability to add videos to the playlists and help cultivate ever-growing playlists. I haven’t specked out the build enough yet…and am so very appreciative to work and interact with others on this!

thank you!
p.s. i used to work for the hong-kong based company, PCCW in London and would go to Hong Kong regularly - fascinating places! i hope you are enjoying them.